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Dear friends and colleagues:
EGVRS is considered to be the most prominent vitreoretinal society in the Middle East. This has been achieved through our continuous educational and scientific activities and maintaining a high standard of our scientific content. Our aim is to keep it as one of the landmark Retina Meetings in the region.
We are proud to have distinguished international guest speakers from the USA, Europe, and the Middle East and we are also proud to have the Vitreoretinal Society of India (VRS-I) as a partner in this meeting.

Host:  Mahmoud Soliman

Guest:  Shunji Kusaka (Japan)

Host:  Hany Hamza

Guest:  Ernesto Bali (Belgium)

Host:  Sherif Sheta

Guest:  Khaled Sabti (Kuwait)

Host:  Wael Soliman

Guest:  Manish Nagpal (India)

Host:  Hassan Mortada

Guest:  Barbara Parolini (Italy)

Host:  Mohamed Moghazy

Guest:  Carsten Meyer (Switzerland)

Host: Magdy Mousa

Guest:  Stanley Chang (USA)

Host: Sherif Embabi

Guest:  Peter Szurman (Germany)

Host: Dina Hossam

Guest:  Wei-Chi Wi (Taiwan)

Host: Ahmed Habib

Guest:  Remzi Avci (Turkey)

Host: Mahmoud Soliman

Guest:  Ciku Mathenge (Rwanda)

Host: Ahmed El Sawy

Guest:  Stratos Gotzaridis (Greece)

Host: Hany Hamza

Guest: Arun Singh (USA)

Host: Sherif Embabi

Guest:  Marcelo Murillo (Bolivia)

Host: Dina Baddar

Guest:  Susana Teixeira (Portugal)

Host: Samir El Baha

Guest:  Tatyana Avanesova (Russia)

Host: Mohamed Sharaf

Guest:  David Pelayes (Argentina)

Host: Wael Soliman

Guest:  Michael Larsen(Denmark)

Host: Samir El Baha

Guest:  Hussain Khaqan (Pakistan)

Host: Mahmoud Soliman

Guest:  Giampaolo Gini(UK)

Host: Khalid Elrakhawy

Guest:  Athanasios Nikolakopoulos (Greece)

Host: Sherif Shaarawy

Guest:  Nancy Holekamp (USA)

Host: Hassan Mortada

Guest:  Yusuke Oshima  (Japan)

Host: Amr Bessa

Guest:  Abdullah Alqahtani  (KSA)

Host: Ahmed El Sawy

Guest:  Lukan Mishev (Bulgaria)

Host: Mostafa Nabih

Guest:  Jesus Hernan (Mexico)

Host: Kahlid Elrakhawy

Guest:  Florian Balta (Romania)

Host: Ahmed El Sawy

Guest:  Gustavo Huning (Brazil)

Host: Mohamed Moghazy

Guest:  Tarek Hassan (USA)

Host: Mahmoud Soliman

Guest:  Carlos Mateo  (Spain)

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