Session 7

Session 7: Surgical Retina: Controversies in the Management of
Myopic Tractional Maculopathy and Myopic MH

Ahmed Magdy Bedda
Khaled El Rakhawy
Sherif Sheta
12:30-12:36 Khalid Al-Sabti. . Kuwait Myopic macular hole in an AXL of >32mm, a difficult &
challenging surgery made easy with simple surgical technique
12:36-12:42 Shohista Saidkasimova. . UK Macular buckling
12:42-12:48 Mohsen Abou Shousha. . Egypt Initial experience with a titanium macular buckle
12:48-12:54 Muhammad Samir. . Egypt A new macular buckle
12:54-13:15 Discussion Discussion