Session 6

Session 6: Controversies in Ocular Oncology

Hany Hamza
Ayman Khattab
Henrich Heimann
11:30-11:36 Henrich Heimann. . UK Tumour biopsies – do we really need them?
11:36-11:42 Henrich Heimann. . UK Transretinal tumour biopsy techniques – which one is best?
Fine needle as
11:42-11:48 Tamer Macky. . Egypt Endoresection for choroidal malignant melanomas
11:48-11:54 Yasmine Meqdad. . Egypt The oddity of uveal melanocytoma, seeing is believing
11:54-12:00 Ihab Saad. . Egypt Brachytherapy in retinoblastoma
12:00-12:06 Abdussalam Mohsen. . Egypt Intra-arterial chemotherapy, a game changer or a risky step
12:06-12:12 Dina Hossam. . Egypt Surprises are not always pleasant
12:12-12:30 Discussion Discussion