Session 5

Session 5: Surgical Young Retina Experts Forum

Ahmed Mansour
Mohamed El Massry
11:30-11:35 Mohamed Salah Noor. . Egypt Bimanual IOFB removal; a safe way
11:35-11:40 Rami Hassouna. . Egypt Recurrent RD and MMH; What is next
11:40-10:45 Omneya Ashraf. . Egypt Not flat; try one more time/td>
11:45-11:50 Sara Tawfik. . Egypt Shift up Coat’s disease: Simple drainage, yet effective
11:50-11:55 Eman Samir. . Egypt MH RD: A new technique
11:55-12:00 Ahmed Roshdy. . Egypt To buckle or not to buckle
12:00-12:05 Mohamed El Massry. . Egypt Macular holes with ERMs on top: To invert or peel?
12:05-12:10 Mohammed Ghoneem. . Egypt Minimal membranectomy in TRD
12:10-12:30 Discussion Discussion