Session 2

Session 2: Medical Retina: Controversies in the Management of

Amr Bessa
Mohsen Abou Shousha
Rania Estawro
9:00-9:05 Mahmoud Farouk. . Egypt Anti-VEGF for DME – The gap between trials and real-world
9:05-9:10 Ahmed Souka. . Egypt PRN vs T&E in Anti-VEGF therapy in DME
9:10-9:15 Edwardo Medeina. . Italy Diagnosis and prognosis of DME using A.I.
9:15-9:20 Amin Nawar. . Egypt Suprachoroidal T.A. in the management of refractory DME
9:20-9:25 Mohamed Sharaf. . Egypt Resistant DME due to chronic leaky TelCaps
9:25-9:30 Magdy Moussa. . Egypt CI DME- Loading vs PRN from the Start
9:30-9:35 Karim Adly. . Egypt FFA vs OCTA in management of DME
9:35-10:00 Discussion Discussion