Session 19:

Session 19: Surgical Retina: ILM in Non MH Retina Surgeries

Samir El Baha
Ahmed El-Sawy
Mostafa Nabih
15:00-15:05 Mohamed Zidi. . Morocco Dissection of the ILM during complicated PDR surgery
15:05-15:10 Hassan Mortada. . Egypt The advantages of ILM peeling in all cases undergoing
vitrectomy for RRD
15:10-15:15 Mostafa El Manhaly. . Egypt ERM ILM complex macular pucker: Peel vs fovea sparing
15:15-15:20 Maged M. Gergess. . Egypt ILM peeling in all macula off RRD
15:20-15:45 Discussion Discussion