Session 16:

Session 16: Medical Retina: Ocular Inflammatory
Diseases/Medico-Surgical Approach the Controversies

Terese Kamal
Mahmoud Soliman
Rana H. Amin
11:30-11:36 Moncef Khairallah. . Tunisia/b> Can we diagnose Behçet’s uveitis in the absence of extraocular
manifestations ?
11:36-11:42 Mahmoud Soliman. . Egypt A huge surprise; an unexpected finding during vitrectomy for
11:42-11:48 Saad Waheeb. . KSA Endophthalmitis are we still following the EVS
11:48-11:54 Doaa Maamoun Ashour. . Egypt Uveitis in monozygotic twins
11:54-12:00 Imen Ksiaa. . Tunisia Pearls and pitfalls in the diagnostic workup of uveitis
12:00-12:06 Izabella Basta. . Poland Intraocular MALT Lymphoma with retinal detachment The role
of PPV
12:06-12:30 Discussion Discussion