Session 15:

Session 15: Surgical Retina: Retina Surgery “My Way”

Ahmed Souka
Ashraf Shaarawy
Mostafa Nabih
11:30-11:34 Ahmed Sharaky. . Egypt IOL oscaffold technique during extraction of IOFB
11:34-11:38 Abdussalam Mohsen. . Egypt Vitrectomy for retinal detachment associated with uveitis
11:38-11:42 Mohammed Ghoneem. . Egypt Complex retinal detachment surgery in an aphakic patient
11:42-11:46 Mahrous Shaheen. . Egypt ILM peeling my way in MH associated with RRD
11:46-11:50 Mohamed Elhaw. . Egypt The scleral tunnel can be safe and magnificent way to AC
11:50-11:54 Tarek Badr. . Egypt A case of FTMH gone wrong
11:54-11:58 Mohamed Hanafy. . Egypt A trauma case with Dislocated crystalline lens my way.
11:58-12:02 Ashraf Mahrous. . Egypt Transretinal drainage of choroidal detachment
12:02-12:06 Youssef Abo Zaid. . Egypt My way in management of Giant or Recurrent Macular holes
12:06-12:10 Tamer Moussa. . Egypt Myopic foveoschisis my way
12:10-12:30 Discussion Discussion