Session 13:

Session 13: Surgical Retina: Controversies in the Surgical
Management of Ocular Trauma

Wael Soliman
Khalid Al-Sabti
Samir El Baha
10:00-10:06 Hany Hamza. . Egypt The thorny dilemma of neglected IOFBs- rescuing or resisting?
Delving into the intervention controversy
10:06-10:12 Hassan Mortada. . Egypt Chorioretinectomy improved the long term prognosis in
perforating / penetrating ocular trauma
10:12-10:18 Mostafa El Manhaly. . Egypt IOFB removal sclerotomy vs corneal wound
10:18-10:24 Imen Ammous. . Tunisia IOFB extraction, when and how?
10:24-10:30 Ahmed Al Tayyar. . Egypt Ahmed Al Tayyar. . Egypt
10:30-11:00 Discussion Discussion