Welcome To EGVRS Academy 2022

Dear friends and colleagues:
The EGVRS welcomes YOU to “THE RETINA ACADEMY”, the largest gathering of All Egyptian Retina doctors under ONE roof overlooking the Great River Nile! In addition we will have 2 distinguished guests from USA and Europe. Experience Two days of a myriad of instruction courses, skill transfer, workshops and industry symposia! One to one discussions and exchange of experience , learning from each other is our Moto. The target audience is for both novice and experts.. we will cover all topics from basics to advanced covering all areas in medical and surgical retina and imaging. In addition, we will set up surgical wet lab for a whole day and will host a hands on experience on head up 3D Ngenuity viewing system and get familiar with different vitrectomy machines and hands on scleral buckle lab too. We will engage industry in the education process and we will host a casual minitheater in exhibition area where you can engage with several speakers and industry agents while grabbing a sandwich or a cup of coffee. We will engage our participants in video and case conferences with audience voting to pick a winner to fly to
Euretina meeting Amsterdam next fall ! We will expand your horizons and will talk about life beyond our clinics and how to build a life experience. Finally we will conclude our gathering with a funny, educative and entertaining 2 hour quiz “who wants to be a siliconAir” ! with rewarding prize for winning team! Join us in such a friendly gathering, enjoy the experience and make memories that will last a life time!
EGVRS Retina Academy Team

EGVRS President
Mahmoud Soliman
Wael Solima