Welcome To Best of Retina 2020

Dear friends and colleagues:

On behalf of EGVRS, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to Best of Retina Meeting at the Alexandria Hilton King Ranch Hotel under the sponsorship of Novartis Egypt.
We are committed to our mission of continuous educational and scientific activities to achieve the best retina practice in Egypt.
We are proud to present a program with a distinguished faculty of the leaders in vitreoretinal surgery and medicine in Egypt and Rising stars of young retina doctors in this field. This meeting will focus on important areas like Retinal imaging, surgical challenges, and pediatric retina and we will discuss new different topics in dynamic unconventional formats of the challenging case conference, Newsroom, and trivia questions.
We hope that you will enjoy the meeting with friends. We are looking forward to a meeting full of genuine science, fun, and sincere friendship.

Best Regards,

Khaled El Rakhawy
Sherif Embabi