Course 9

Number of Candidates: 30 candidates
Aim of Course: There’s a bug in the eye! After this course, you will be able to identify infections, the pattern of each pathogen and treatment of infectious uveitis. You can also learn our colleagues in clinical pathology and infectious diseases.
Course Directors: Terese Kamal, Doaa Ashour
Instructors: Maha Youssef, Mostafa Al Fishawy, Noha Ossama, Reem Mohsen, Reem Mostafa

Course Details:

11:00 – 11:03
Course overview and its objectives and self-assessment questions

Course directors

11:03 – 11:18
Infectious Uveitis: An ID perspective

Mostafa Al Fishawy

11:18 – 11:33
Molecular diagnosis of uveitis; what we have and what we need

Reem Mostafa

11:33 – 11:48
Viral Uveitis; An overview

Noha Ossama

11:48 – 12:03
TB; The great mimicker

Maha Youssef

12:03 – 12:18
Toxoplasma Uveitis, A-Z

Terese Kamal

12:18 – 12:33
A perplexing AC granuloma; Let’s gure it out

Doaa Ashour

12:33 – 12:45
Discussion and Q&A
Case presentations:
12:45 – 12:50
It runs in the blood

Reem Mohsen

12:50 – 12:55
Foggy scene

Terese Kamal

12:55 – 13:00
The Mega Hit

Esraa Diab