Course 16

Number of Candidates: 30 candidates
Aim of Course: To discuss how to approach a case of recent retinal detachment, choice and technique of surgeries and to discuss all steps and controversies in primary PPV for RD in an open discussion form involving all instructors and attendees.
Course Directors: Ernesto Bali, Khaled El Rakhawy
Instructors: Ahmed Magdy Bedda, Ayman Khattab, Mohamed Tawfik

Course Details:

09:00 – 09:05
Course overview and self-assessment questions
09:05 – 09:20
Choice of the operation
-Scleral buckle Vs primary vitrectomy Vs pneumatic retinopexy
09:20 – 09:35
In SB surgery -Conventional buckle with indirect ophthalmoscope Vs chandelier assisted buckle.
09:35 – 10:15
-The gauge (23, 25, 27)
-Use of chandelier ( as a routine Vs in selected cases or steps)
-Posterior hyaloid removal (how to manage the dicult cases,
could you do without?)
-Vitreous base surgery (importance? dierent techniques)
-Combining crystalline lens/cataract surgery (when and how?)
-Is it essential to completely dry the subretinal uid? How to achieve it?
-PFCL use : is it routine or in selected cases? How to avoid/manage
potential problems?
-ILM peeling in non PVR cases? To peel or NOT?
-Addition of SB in some cases?
-Laser application: timing, technique and potential problems
10:15 – 10:40
The Tamponade
-Increasing role of Air
-Long-acting gases
-Silicone oil use, abuse and removal issues
10:40 – 10:55
Special situation: Fresh GRT RD choices and techniques
10:55 – 11:00
Self assessment Qs