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EGVRS2015 Presentations

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title    
Abdellatif Siam Retinal detachment and retinoschisis, Avoid mismanagement PDF
Abdellatif Siam Macular Buckling PDF
AbdelRahman Gaber Ocular imaging in acquired retinopathy with multiple myeloma PDF
Adel Abdel Mowgoud Displacement of huge submacular hematoma  
Ahmed Abdel Wahab Retrieval of migrating anterior chamber Iluvein implant and reinsertion into the vitreous cavity, case report PDF
Ahmed Abdel Wahab Submacular heavy liquid , risk factors, prevention and methodof removal” PDF
Ahmed Ibrahiem Hegazy Retinal ganglion cell complex changes using spectral domain OCT in diabetic patients without retinopathy PDF
Andreas Mohr Colorize your life: What is new in retinal staining PDF
Andreas Mohr Routine Vs Selective ILM peeling PDF
Arun Singh Retinoblastoma: What is the standard of care ? PDF
Arun Singh Management of Uveal Melanoma PDF
Cyrus M. Shroff Bimanual Vx. Expanding horizon/Indications PDF
Daraius Shroff Addicted to Rifampicin PDF
Ehab Saad Subthreshold Diode Micropluse photocoagulation in Management of Diabetic Macular Edema  
Ehab Saad

Wide Angle Optos Retinal Angiography Complements Retcam In Evaluation And Follow Up Of Pediatric Age Group With Retinoblastoma

Emad Elgemai ILM peeling , different techniques for different types of macular holes: Comparative study PDF
Grazia Pertile Surgical treatment in wet AMD: Long term outcome PDF
Grazia Pertile Balance of evidence in wet AMD Therapy PDF
Grazia Pertile Vitrectomy Vs. Injections for non-tractional diabetic macular edema PDF
Grazia Pertile Surgical approach for MH in high myopia PDF
Hassan Mortada Vitrectomy for RRD complicating regressed ROP PDF
Hassan Mortada ILM peeling across the posterior staphyloma, an alternative to macular buckling PDF
Hassan Mortada Combined ILM peeling & chorioretinectomy for PVR prophylaxis PDF
Hatem Krema Novel Imaging techniques in intraocular tumors PDF
Mahmoud Farouk Role of silicone oil in management of endophthalmitis PDF
Mahmoud Soliman Macular hole in Behcet PDF
Mahmoud Soliman Subretinal IOFBs PDF
Mohamed Amr Salah Structure-function relationship following 1ry vitrectomy for rhegmatogenous RD of intermediate severity PDF
Mohamed El Baradey Vitrectomy combined with oral Variconazole for management of Candida Endophthalmitis PDF
Mohamed Gaber Primary rhegmatogenous RD at Kasr Al Aini Hospital: predisposing factors and clinical features PDF
Mostafa Nabih Combo surgery Vs Lens sparing vitrectomy PDF
Mushfig Karimov Results of ILM peeling for PDR PDF
Sengul Ozdek Surgical treatment of stage 4 & 5 ROP PDF
Shereen AboAlNaga Time dependent intracellular uptake of Avastin in RPE PDF
Sherif Embabi Central retinal vein occlusion combined with cilioretinal artery occlusion PDF
Sherif Embabi Vitrectomy Vs. Injections for non-tractional diabetic macular edema PDF
Sherif Mohamed Sheta DME, Evolution of the management
Sherif Mohamed Sheta Is Routine Peeling Of Ilm Necessary ? PDF
Shunji Kusaka Intraoperative OCT findings in vitrectomy for various vitreoretinal disorders PDF
Shunji Kusaka Short term postoperative Perfluoro-n-Octane in Pediatric Complex RD PDF
Shunji Kusaka Vitrectomy for FEVR PDF
Susana Teixeira Posterior segment IOFBs PDF
Tamer H. Mahmoud Macular holes. Ocriplasmin versus PPV PDF
Tamer H. Mahmoud Chandelier Buckles PDF
Tarek Hemeda Intermediate AMD PDF
Tarek Hemeda OCT changes in surgically closed macular holes using inverted ILM flap technique PDF
Tillmann Eckert Our experience with Ocriplasmin PDF
Vincenzo Ferrara The vitreoretinal interface: A new interest for an old story PDF
Walid Saad Eldien Twin light assisted scleral buckling for RRD surgery