Past Events

EGVRS2015 Courses

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Morning Courses ( 9 -11:15 am) - 400 EGP Per Course

Moderator: Magdy Moussa | Karim Raafat | Simon Kelly (09:00 - 09:30)
1- Ultrasonography:
Hala El Shewekh “Echographic evaluation of ocular trauma”
Rasha Abbas “Echographic findings in diabetic patients”
2- Multi-modality imaging in various macular disorders: (09:30 - 11:15)
Karim Raafat “Multi-modality imaging in RPE & outer retina diseases”
Magdy Moussa “Multi-modality imaging in macular edema”
Jerzy Nawrocki “OCT in vitreoretinal interface diseases”
Tarek Hemieda “Multi-modality imaging in macular dystropies”
Case Preaentations
Simon Kelly, Karim Adly Raafat, Magdy Moussa, Jerzy Nawrocki, Tarek Hemida


Moderator: Hassan Mortada
Tamer Mekky “ Terminology & Classification of ocular trauma”
Sengul Ozdek “ Timing of vitreoretinal surgery in ocular trauma”
Hassan Mortada “ Traumatic macular hole”
Cesare Forlini “ Save the iris”
Suzana Teixeria Prophylactic chorioretinectomy in trauma cases”
Carl Claes “ Techniques dealing with advanced trauma cases”
Hassan Mortada “ Management of IOFB(s)”
Cesare Forlini “ Temporary keratoprosthesis for pole to pole reconstruction in severe ocular trauma”


Moderator: Sherif Sheta Ayman khattab
Magdy Moussa “Investigative modalities”
Abdellatif Siam “ Role of laser in DR & DME”
Rana Hussein “ Role of intravitreal injections in DR & DME”
Ayman Khattab “ Indications of diabetic vitrectomy”
Sherif Sheta “ Vitreous surgery for refractory DME”
Cyrus Schroff “ Vitreous surgery for complicated PDR”


Moderator: Mostafa Nabih
Part (I) : Endophthalmitis:
Rash Mounir “ Intravitreal sample acquisition”
Maha Youssef “ Intravitreal antibiotic injection in cases of endophthalmitis”
Ghana Gawdat “ Intravitreal anti-fungal injection”
Mostafa Nabih  
Part (II) : Anti-VEGF:
Ahmed Souka Anti-VEGF Drugs compared (Ranibizumab, Bevazicumab and Aflibercept)
Ahmed Souka "Anti-VEGF therapy in RVO. "
Andreas Mohr Perspectives in anti-VEGF therapy in DME.
Mohamed Ashraf "Anti-VEGF Injections in AMD. What protocol to choose?"
Susana Teixeira “ Bevazicumab injection in ROP”


Noon Courses(11:30-1:00pm) - 350 EGP Per Course

Moderator: Ahmed Magdy Bedda Hamouda Ghoraba
Ahmed Magdy Bedda “ Objectives of scleral buckles”
Islam Sherine “ Types of scleral buckles”
Hamouda Ghoraba “ Techniques of buckling procedures”
Vincenzo Ferrara “ Reasons & options for buckling a detached retina today”
Mohamed ElBaradei ” Complications of scleral buckles”


Moderator: Hany Hamza
Ahmed El Sawy “ Anatomy & biochemistry of the vitreoretinal interface”
Ahmed El Sawy “ Role of Ocriplasmin”
Grazia Pertile “ ILM peeling: Is it safe”
Hany Hamza “ Epiretinal membranes”
Hassan Mortada “Lamellar macular holes”
Hassan Mortada “ Posterior hyaloid peeling : Tips and tricks”
Jerzy Nawrocki “ Full thickness macular holes”
Jerzy Nawrocki ILM peeling Techniques
Jerzy Nawrocki Vitreomacular traction syndrome
Moustafa Nabih “ Posterior Hyaloid peeling”
Tunic Ovali “ Overview of Macular Hole Surgery”
Vincenzo Ferrara “ Reasons and Solutions for failures in Macular hole Surgery”


Moderator: Mohamed Moghazy Sherif Embabi
Shunji Kusaka “ Venturi & peristaltic pumps fluidics and implications in different steps of vitreous surgery”
Sherif Embabi “ Evolution of vitrectomy gauges”
Mohamed Moghazy “ Entry & exit techniques and complications”
Tamer Mahmoud “ Gauge selection: An approach based on vitreoretinal pathology & instrumentation”
Tillmann Eckert “ 27 gauge vitrectomy”


Moderator: Mahmoud Soliman
Gehad Al Nahri “ Update on diagnostics and genetics of uveitis”
Karim Raafat “ Imaging in uveitis”
Magdy Moussa “ Swept source OCT in uveitis management”
Iman Dessouky “ Non-infectious uveitis”
Rowayda Amin “ Infectious uveitis”
Terese Kamel “ Childhood uveitis”
Mohamed Abdel Azim “Approach to management “
Mahmoud Soliman “ Role of surgery”