Past Events

EGVRS2013 Instruction Courses

In Collaboration with the Egyptian Society of Investigative Ophthalmology

100 EGP for Egyptian Candidates, 100 USD for International Candidates


Room A

Room B


Course 1A: Ocular Ultrasonography

Hala Shwek
Yehia Khayrat


Course 1B: What is new in management of Diabetic Retinopathy

Coordinator: Mohamad El Baradey

Instructors: Magdy Mussa, Ashraf Shaarawy, Samir El Baha, Sherif Sheta

Level: Basic to moderate
The course will cover principles and basic techniques for US imaging with special emphasis on methods to diagnose common disease entities and how to make a correct differential diagnosis based on ultrasonographic patterns. Part of the course will be dedicated to Ultrasound biomicroscopy and its applications relevant to vitreoretinal disorders.
  Level: Moderate to advanced
The course will cover the principles of diagnosis and treatment of different stages of diabetic retinopathy with special emphasis on laser treatment principles and indications, diabetic macular edema (DME) management outline , intravitreal injections for DME when and what to inject and when to repeat injections. The last section of the course will provide an overview of vitrectomy for diabetic retinopathy indications and brief review of surgical techniques


Course 2A: OCT Update

Coordinators: Magdy Mussa, Karim Raafat

Instructors: Ahamd Souka, Hazem Rashed,
Mohamad Nawara, Ehab Abdelaziz


Course 2B: Current Options in management of retinal detachment

Ahmad Magdy Bedda, Mahmoud Soliman
Ayman Khattab, Mohammad Elbaradey,
Ramzi Avci

Level: Moderate to advanced
The course will provide an update on OCT with special emphasis on diagnostic challenges and differential diagnosis of simulating lesions, how to elicit and find signs on the OCT scan. Newer software updates to refine the diagnosis will also be reviewed. If you have an interesting case please have it with you and present it to course coordinators before the course.
Level: Basic to moderate
The course will cover different surgical options to manage retinal detachment starting from pneumatic retinopexy through scleral buckling and finally pars plana vitrectomy. The course will focus on selection criteria of the appropriate surgical procedure based the characteristics of the detachment, retinal breaks and the presence or absence of PVR. The surgical technique will cover in depth pneumatic retinopexy and scleral buckling techniques and the basics of vitrectomy.


Course 3A: Fluorescein Angiography challenging cases

Coordinator: Laila Osman, Osama Raslan, Kareem Adly

Instructors: Said Dessouki, Alaa Fadel, Wael Gomaa, Maha Othman, Wael Soliman, Magdy Mussa


Course 3B: Micro-incision Vitrectomy

Hassan Mortada, Hany Hamza
Sherif Embabi, Mohamad Moghazy
Maria Berrocal, Kazuaki Kadunosono

Level: Moderate to advanced
The course provided by experts in fluorescein angiography will review challenging cases and show the audience how step by step how to reach the correct diagnosis and to differentiate different disease entities with simulating leakage and staining patterns on the angiogram from each other. Interesting cases will be presented by speakers and discussed with the panel and audience. If you have an interesting case please have it with you and present it to course coordinators before the course.
Level: Moderate to advanced
The course will cover the small gauge vitrectomy starting with incision, instrumentation and its application for management of different pathologies. Video presentations will show the techniques for rhegmatonous retina detachment, giant breaks, macular holes and diabetic vitrectomy and macular pucker. In depth discussions will be held with the audience to emphasize different surgical techniques and tips and tricks to manage problems and complications during the procedure.