Past Events

EGVRS2012 Presentations

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title
Abdel-Latif Siam OPTIC DISC PIT: Pathogenesis and Management PDF
Abdelrahman Gaber Salman Spectral Domain OCT Guided Regimen Versus Fixed Regimen For Intravitreal Bevacizumab In Diabetic Macular Edema PDF
Ahmed Abd Allah ILM peeling debates PDF
Ahmed El-Sawy Habib Role of Topical NSAID’s In Post-operative CME PDF
Ahmed M Saeed Combined vitrectomy and intravitreal injection versus combined laser and injection for the treatment of intractable diffuse diabetic macular edema PDF
Ahmed Mahmoud Abdelhady Visual outcome and ocular Survival after Penetrating Trauma during the 25th Egyptian revolution PDF
Ayman M Khattab Do we need to stain the hyaloid in diabetic vitrectomy? PDF
Bahaa Abdalla Hassan Back to Buckle - Why? PDF
Hammouda Ghoraba Long Term Results of 360º Scleral Buckling and Vitrectomy with Silicon Oil Tamponade for Management of Gun Shot Perforating Ocular Injury PDF
Hany S Hamza Malignant Melanoma presenting with Massive Vitreous Hemorrhage PDF
Mohamed Hosny El-Bradey Bilateral Candida Endophthalmitis PDF
Mohamed Hosny El-Bradey Correlation between Visual Acuity and Spectral Domain High Resolution OCT Findings in Myopic Choroidal Neovascular Membrane PDF
Mohamed Zayed Bimanual vitrectomy using illuminated spatula in complicated vitreoretinal procedures PDF
Omar Barrada Anti-VEGFs in Sickle Cell Retinopathy: A Case Report PDF
Sherif Embabi 23 G suturless vitrectomy for advanced PDR: Techniques and outcomes PDF
Tarek Hemeida Doppler OCT for Diabetic Retinopathy PDF