EGVRS Training School 2018

Courses and Labs

Courses Fees

Frist Day Courses Fees:
Non-Members: LE 300/ each Lab.
Members: LE 100/ each lab.

Second and Third Day Courses Fees:
Non-Members: LE 200/ each course.
Members: LE 100/ each course

For international Attendees: $ 150.

Online Registration Has been closed, available online Registration ( First Come, First served )


8.00AM- 12.00PM    
  • Basics of vitreous and laser surgery (32 Candidates)
  • B scan & UBM with hands-on (30 Candidates)
  • OCT & OCTA with hands-on  (30 trainees)


8.00AM- 10.00AM   
  • Uveitis and Endophthalmitis: The eye on Fire! (30 Candidates)
  • Posterior segment Trauma: Everyday encounter challenge (30 Candidates)
  • Anti VEGF and steroid therapy in DME/RVO/ AMD: Unanswered Questions (30 Candidates)
10.00AM- 12.00PM   
  • Scleral fixated IOL Vs Iris claw lens for correction of Aphakia: Different approaches and perspectives (30 Candidates)
  • ROP and FPV: Small eyes Big Challenges! (30 Candidates)
  • Scleral buckle: Old is still Gold (30 Candidates)


8.00AM- 10.00AM    
  • ERG/EOG/VEP How to read and how to fit in your practice (20 Candidates)

10.00AM- 11.00PM   
  • Micropulse Laser (20 Candidates)
11.00AM- 12.00PM
  • FFA and  FAF: The Gold Standard (20 Candidates)